MANHUNT:Mystery in a Box!

Written by Hank Greene & Emily Goodson
Directed by Chad Rabinovitz

You buy a ticket. You’re delivered a box. Inside the box, you find a variety of objects, along with an invitation… beckoning you to solve a mysterious puzzle. You accept the invitation, and are connected online to a detective who needs the clues in your box to start connecting the pieces… but… the pieces to what? As the plot unfolds into a night of twists and turns – along with virtual live performances that plunge you deeper into a world of noir and intrigue – you realize this is about much more than random items in a box. You begin to wonder: in this virtual game of cat and mouse… who’s chasing who? And why is one of your objects a clock that’s slowly counting down? And… perhaps most importantly of all… what happens when it hits zero?

The Details

  • January 12th- January 16th
  • January 19th – January 23rd
  • All Shows are at 8pm
  • Price before 1/01/21:
    $45/household – This includes your box.
  • Price after1/01/21:
    $30/household – NO Box.
  • *Tickets must be purchased no later than 1/01/21 at 12a in order to allow for time to ship your box.
  • *Please understand we have no control over the postal service and there’s a chance that delays can happen.
  • Yes! We will have a “Show Only” ticket (NO Box) available from 1/01/21 until noon on the show day.
Old book and magnifier glass on a dark background as a symbol of knowledge and science

How To Participate

Participation couldn’t be easier! You can attend your virtual, In the Box show on any device. All you need is a Zoom account and login. Zoom is free, user friendly live video service. Once you purchase your show ticket you will receive an email from In the Box with all the info you need to get set up. On the morning of your show, you will receive a link to attend MANHUNT: Mystery in a Box.

Here are some more frequently asked questions from our partners, IN THE BOX! – https://www.intheboxentertainment.com/faqs

Still have questions? Email us and we will be glad to help – dallastheatre@dallas-ga.gov

The Dallas Theater is so excited to partner with IN THE BOX ENTERTAINMENT to bring you LIVE, INTERACTIVE shows you can enjoy from your own home!
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