Behind The Scenes: The Faces of the Dallas Theater

How do you choose shows? A lot goes into consideration when choosing shows! With our teen shows especially, we look at who we have that we know is going to come back and audition and try to find shows that fit our current team. For example, this year, we knew we had a great group […]

The Benefits of Drama Camps and Theatre Classes

When asked why our campers return to our drama camp every year, we get answers like “it’s fun!” “I get to see my friends,” “I just LOVE theatre,” and the ever popular “We get to play Sardines!” which is now a longstanding Dallas Theater tradition. While these are perfectly valid reasons to attend a theater […]

How to Choose an Audition Monologue

While there’s not a “golden list” of monologues that an actor should choose from, there are some tips that can help you pick the best monologue for your audition: Choose an appropriate length. If the audition calls for a one minute monologue, do not show up with a three to five minute monologue. It’s happened […]

Six Helpful Tips To Nail Your Audition

Auditions can be stressful. I had a professor once describe them as a job interview, which isn’t entirely untrue. You’re coming into a room full of prospective casting directors (and if you’re lucky, employers) and selling your talent to them, much like a prospective job hunter is doing to prospective managers. Here are few tips […]