Behind The Scenes: The Faces of the Dallas Theater

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How do you choose shows?

A lot goes into consideration when choosing shows! With our teen shows especially, we look at who we have that we know is going to come back and audition and try to find shows that fit our current team. For example, this year, we knew we had a great group of guys so we could do a show like Grease. We also take suggestions from our actors, production team, and audience members into consideration. We want to produce not only great shows, but shows people actively want to come see.

If you could take any costume from a show what would it be and why?

Shelley’s answer: Belle’s big yellow dress from Beauty and the Beast.
Emily’s answer: This is super hard! I think if I had the choice, the costume I would take is Captain Hook from Peter Pan. Deep down we all have a desire to “play” a villain every once in awhile and I who better than Hook? Plus, that hat was on point!

If you could do any show, what would it be?

Shelley’s Answer: Grease was on my list, so I’m excited we got to do it this year. I really would like to do Peter Shaffer’s Black Comedy someday.
Emily’s Answer: I love Shakespeare! My high School drama teacher was amazing and every spring we would do a full length Shakespeare play complete with sword fights and guys in tights! My two favorites are Macbeth and Taming of the Shrew.

What do you look for more in an actor, technical skill or passion and attitude?

No matter how skilled an actor is, if they don’t have the right attitude, they’re not going to be great to work with. Obviously during the audition process, we look for skill, but the audition truly begins the minute you walk through the door. Our staff shares notes, so if an actor was being less than cordial in the lobby before their audition, we’ll know. Also, if an actor is great, but doesn’t have passion for what they’re doing, it drags the entire show down. A lot more goes into acting than just nailing an audition and showing up.

What’s the largest number of actors you’ve had for a show?

We usually stick to around 20-22, depending on the show. With musicals and big dance numbers, it’s easy to fill up our stage fast, so we have to make sure we have enough room for everyone to shine. Annie was probably our largest, though. There were 26!

How long does it take to produce a show?

This will be different depending on the theater/show. Because we only rehearse around three days a week and take time off for school breaks, we have a longer production period than a lot of theaters. Smaller fall shows usually rehearse around three months, while our teen musical audition in November and open in March!

Largest audience you’ve had for a show?

Grease had consistently large crowds, which the largest being 490. Last November, we also presented a Johnny Cash tribute which sold out (We seat 567).

Who builds all the sets?

We’ve recently started using a wonderful builder (Matthew) from our city’s public works department! He works with us and our directors to build amazing set pieces or find uses for pieces that we already have!

Does the theater rent?

We do! We do everything from weddings, movie premieres, movie birthday parties, concert, dance recitals… you name it!

Subscription Series

The Dallas Theater is excited to announce that you can now purchase a subscription series for our current season of shows. For each subscription you are guaranteed the seats you choose for each show included in the series. Subscription series must be purchased over the phone or at the Dallas Theater Box Office. Subscription series will go on sale August 1st, 2019.

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