Our Mission Statement

The purpose of the Dallas Theater education program is to offer children, youth, and adults professional, engaging and diverse theatre classes where individuals can cultivate a love of the art while learning and growing their craft.

2022 – 2023 Program Information
The Dallas Theater provides acting classes for students looking to further their skills in acting. We offer classes for ages 8-17 and rotate Acting I and Acting II courses on a rotating basis.

Acting 2 kicks off Monday, August 15th, 2022.  Details and registration below!


Acting I

Acting I is a 5 week, 10 class course aimed at introducing students to acting basics and building a strong acting foundation. Both age groups will work in-depth in the areas of movement and space, character development, focus and concentration, and listening and reacting.

The class will culminate in a group showcase of monologues and scenes.

Once an actor completes Acting 1 this winter, they will be eligible to take Acting II late summer of 2022. Acting II expands upon Acting 1, offering a deeper understanding of acting techniques and audition etiquette.

Acting I will run January 2023.  Please check back for registration info.


Acting II

The next course, Acting II (also 5 weeks/10 classes), is open to any student who has completed Acting I, been in a Main Street Players production, or has multiple years of camp experience. This class will build on the basic foundation they already have, go more in-depth with various acting methods and script analysis and learn more about creating life-like, nuanced characters through timing, tone, and body language.

Acting II also focuses on proper audition etiquette. Both classes offer workshops ranging from improv to mock auditions featuring guest instructors which ensure a well-rounded acting experience. Each class session culminates into a showcase of scenes and/or monologues allowing students to show the skills they’ve learned in front of an audience.

Acting II will begin August 15th, 2022.  Check out the registration info below!

Acting Class Schedule

**A Student may only take Acting I and Acting II one timeWe are looking to add more classes to our rotation!

  • Acting I will run Jan 2023.
  • Acting II will run Every Monday and Wednesday August 15th through September 14th.
  • Registration for Acting II opens June 10th at 9a
  • There will be no class on Labor Day (September 5th) Instead, we will makeup that class on Thursday, September 8th.
  • There will be no class during fall break (September 19th-23rd).
  • Class will be 5:30p-7:30p
  • Acting Classes are for children ages 8-12 and 13 to 17.
  • Your child MUST fall into the age range of the class you register for by the first day of class.
  • COST: $160 per student. $50 deposit is due at the time of registration & remaining balance is due the day BEFORE the first day of class.
  • PLEASE only pay the registration fee at signup in case we have to cancel due to COVID-19.


We are taking the safety and health of our students and teachers very seriously. Here’s what we are doing to keep us all safe:

Acting II kicks off August 15th, 2022 and Acting I will kick off January 2023. Register for Acting II above and check back for Acting I registration info!

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